Hristos a înviat!

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Adevărat a înviat!

Dallas Holm & Praise – Rise Again

Go ahead, drive the nails in My hands;
Laugh at me… where you stand.
Go ahead, and say it isn’t Me;
The day will come… when you will see.

‘Cause I’ll rise…. again;
Ain’t no power on earth can keep Me down!
Yes, I’ll rise… again;
Death can’t keep Me in the ground.

Go ahead, mock My name;
My love for you is still the same.
Go ahead, and bury Me;
But very soon, I will be free!

(Refrain) (Instrumental bridge)

Go ahead, and say I’m dead and gone,
But you will see that you were wrong.
Go ahead, try to hide the Son;
But all will see that I’m the One!

(Final refrain)
‘Cause I’ll come again!
Ain’t no power on earth can keep me back!
Yes, I’ll come again;
Come to take My people back.

  1. »DeepGreen« Gabriela says

    Adevarat a Inviat!

  2. Cata says


  3. monik says

    Adevarat a Inviat!
    Inaltam Domnului strigate de bucurie! Aleluia! Aleluia!

  4. Dimitrie Ştiopu says

    Da, învierea Domnului este şi sursa noii noastre vieţi, dar şi nădejdea veşniciei!
    Slavă Lui!

  5. Carmen Ifrim says

    Adevarat a Inviat. Este viu si in inima mea! Fii inaltat in veci de veci Jesus!

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